Strategic environmental assessment and company’s mission statement valuation: 

Checkup, Cost center analysis, analysis of competitiveness, quality control, improvement of corporate efficiency and of national and international competitiveness, sector studies (IRS/ statistical studies for the estimation of taxes due by firms in specific industries) and country situation monographic assessment. 

Market research orientated to the evaluation of opportunities:

Market surveys for single companies or consortiums, strategy elaboration, updating of the business method used in the stores, development of city marketing actions, individuation of the most suitable promotion(advertising) and communication measures.

Marketing policies and aggressive market policies:

Advertising campaign for Commerce, Hotels and Services Companies. Strategic choice of communication instruments based on the belonging occupational group,  agreement with media in order to obtain discounted advertisement rates, framing of advertising messages, Graphic Design, layout and printing brochures, promotional items. Real advantages to improve the company image and its business. 

Health and safety at work:

Safety at workplace (D.Lgs. 626194): information, counselling, technical inspections, preparation and updating of the Risk Assessment Document, Emergency planning, checklists, self-certifications, management of compulsory training, Employee training, material supply, assistance. 

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points/H.A.C.C.P (D.Lgs. 155197): implementation of hygiene and health own checks plans, and supply of all the material needed to realize it. 

Market analysis and research:

Marketing for companies, and Place marketing, advise and first assistance to businesses. HR management, training and coaching activities for SMEs.

Administrative advice:

Information, advice, arrangement/provision and presentation of the documentation needed to Public Authorities in order to obtain habilitations and/or financing and/or permissions.