Deal srl. was founded/established in 2013, with its legal office in Basilicata, it is conceived as a wider corporate project. After developing itself on different territorial contexts, the company is now aiming to offer its services to new international markets. At present (currently), Deal works throughout the national territory, in the areas of Logistics and Quality Control. As a matter of fact, from 2013, Deal is accredited/licensed/commissioned by FIAT-FCA group for the Quality Control Activities (CSL1 and CSL2). Deal mainly operates in the automotive sector, and it provides warehouse management services for companies involved in the food industry. Moreover, the company activities includes the commercialization, the importation and the exportation of agricultural food products and objects, with the assistance and consultation of ITA (Italian Trade Agency). These activities have already been realized on some of the main international market-places, as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and New York.